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GREEN Eco-Friendly Modular Homes by NAGLREP member Dianne Vernon

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Custom Modular 05/24/10

Modular homes have been highlighted on HGTV, New Old House, The Washington Post, The History Channel, and many more.  Last Sunday one of our primary suppliers, Palm Harbor Homes, was featured on the hit network TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s 2010 Season Finale.  This is the first time that a modular home has ever been featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

The house is built by Palm Harbor Homes / Nationwide Homes, the parent company of Discovery Custom Homes which we feature on our web-site.

Cutting Edge Homes has supported this project as much as we were able since before the show was filmed.  We made an initial donation to help pay for appliances in the Williams home and a second donation that contributed to paying off the entire debt that the Williams family had on their demolished old home.

The home is made of 12 modules trucked to the home site and crane-lifted into position. It has 4,151 sf under roof, and 3,700 square feet of heated area. This home is Certified Gold under the National Green Building (NAHB) program and is ADA compliant to accommodate the father who suffers from ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease and the son who is a paraplegic from Spina Bifida.

A full solar energy array was donated by Atlantic Service and Supply to help keep cost of living down after the move-in. The time required to set the home and weather it in, was one full day.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition aired on Sunday night at 8:00 PM on ABC.

If you have a family member, a friend, or real estate agent who thinks that a modular home is the same as a manufactured home, make sure they watch the show…those misconceptions are about to be shattered forever!!!

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After reading these articles, please email us and let us know if they have been helpful to you.

Additionally, we are very interested in hearing what you think of the show.  After you see the beautiful Williams house installed on TV, please take a few minutes to let us know your thoughts by emailing us at info@cuttingedgehomes.net

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Thanks, I look forward to your call.

Dianne Vernon

Cutting Edge Homes Inc.



P.S.  Here is a sneak preview of the pictures from the construction of the Williams family home, and you can also see the Williams Family floor plan.